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Position Profile
Identifying the key tasks, responsibilities and competencies required for a position is the first step in ensuring StoneWood Group recommends, and our clients retain the best possible candidates.

Industry Market Research
Our mandate is to quickly understand your industry in North America and abroad, bringing together only the most suitable candidates for interview. A comprehensive database at our disposal and the confidence to continue to do what we've done for hundreds of other organizations is just the starting point of our every search. We desire to work with outstanding organizations that will continue to expand our knowledge and experience.

Candidate Assessment
Behavioural based interviewing, Personality Inventories and Motivational Questionaires allow for a sophisticated analysis of each candidate.

Short List
Our clients can expect to have a short list of candidates presented in week three of the search process. Each client may watch the short list grow online and access resumes and in-depth interview summaries as the search progresses.

Selecting the final candidate is the most critical decision your organization will make. We guarantee our results and have the necessary experience dealing with the sensitive issues that arise for both parties at this stage of the process.

StoneWood offers and recommends integration services or executive coaching for each new hire. This methodology for ensuring succesful transitions at the senior executive level is increasingly becoming viewed as an essential part of the recruitment process.

Candidate Assessment Services
The StoneWood team draws on years of accumulated experience in selecting the right people and developing the talents of existing leaders. Our success lies in understanding your organization’s unique needs and tying these to our selection process. With our model, we can identify the candidates with the right mix of skills, abilities, personality and motivation to ensure success in you evolving organization. The StoneWood model, which is based on our competency framework, allows us to take the guesswork out of selection and development decisions to offer you highly reliable and well-informed recommendations. (more)

Thought Leadership

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