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Since 1981, StoneWood Group Inc. has assisted organizations find, assess and develop their exceptional leaders.

We are committed to leaders who have the vision and insight to recognize those golden opportunities, the courage and experience to make the hard calls and the strategic understanding of what it takes to grow a business long-term. We have seen organizations flourish and become Tier 1 players as a result of the addition of key players. Our hard work, persistence and keen understanding of how to identify, recruit and develop exceptional talent have helped hundreds of organizations achieve their goals.

Our highly committed consulting team includes former presidents of companies that took start-up organizations and turned them into international multimillion-dollar corporations. The StoneWood Group research team boasts more than 70 years of accumulated experience and is supported by uniquely interactive and exhaustive electronic tools built from years of networking, and world class sources of executive management information. Our leadership development approach and tools are second to none and geared specifically to our target markets.

Thought Leadership

Stonewood Interview Series
An Interview with Redknee CEO, Lucas Skoczkowski

Founded in 1999, Toronto-based Redknee Inc. has grown quickly to become a world leader in providing infrastructure software and solutions to telecommunications operators globally... (more)


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Searching for Certainty in Hiring
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Do Stars make Companies or do Companies make Stars?
There is an undeniable seductiveness to the heroic notion of the archetypical 'star' performer whose sheer radiance promises to illuminate and invigorate (more)

Pay It Forward - Developing the Leadership of our Hi-tech community
As Ottawa’s tech sector gains momentum, leaders must continue to grow as fast as the markets in which they compete, (more)