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The Risk Manager
An Interview with Louis TÍtu
Louis TÍtu is one of Canada?s most successful tech sector entrepreneurs. In his early 20s he and his older brother built supply chain software pioneer Berclain into a $20mm per year company before selling it to Baan Software. Shortly afterwards Louis founded Recruitsoft (later re-branded Taleo Software) which he built into a $200mm per year, publicly traded talent management SaaS powerhouse...(more)

Never Ever Quit!!
An Interview with Castek Founders Fay and Yung Wu
Castek Software was founded in 1990 by siblings Yung and Fay Wu, along with a third partner who exited the business in 1999.

Initially funded with $60,000 in credit card debt, the partners nurtured the firm into a successful and profitable international enterprise software company, with revenues approaching $40mm, and double that in committed order backlog. The founders risked it all and raised $70mm over three major financing rounds in an effort to become the leading insurance software vendor in the market. ...(more)